My personal first like is actually good Capricorn w/Leo moonlight and Venus inside the Sag

I am not sure regarding the count on issue. The brand new snobbery question I could would (with my limit stellium), although not brand new rely on. He performed state the guy thought I became interesting regardless if.

——————several.5% of your own planets keeps 71% of mass. #OccupyJupiter.(I might entirely post this new photo inside my siggy easily you certainly will)

Dad is actually a great Pisces having a great Leo Moon in which he got hitched inside the mid-twenties. Which had been just like the the guy knocked my personal mother up double and need his people becoming “legitimate.” You to relationship is actually more before it first started.

My personal action-mom is actually an Aries having Gem Moonlight and you may ASC. (That will be crazy, but therefore try he. One or two peas during the an excellent pod.) The lady Venus is actually Rx for the Aries and trine their Moonlight. Might have been hitched having 15 years that it Summer.

quote: To begin with printed because of the hannaramaa: I like Leo moon people! I like Leo in virtually any entire world but sunlight very (until the Moonlight/Mercury is actually subservient). But not, I have found I get together perfectly having Leo moonlight boys.

He had been really easy personally to read and incredibly tolerant hahah. We offered him a number of sass. I must’ve tried it every for the him ’cause I don’t have they any further! He was a fairly wacky boy. Not purposefully hence caused it to be much more adorable. The latest a person’s You will find came across anyhow as I know there can be conditions in order to all of the idea. These include esp. a old brothers getting younger siblings.

Regardless I believe what attracts Leo moons was trust and you may an air off snobbery Lol. Incorrect snobbery once i imagine these include much too warm-hearted and good-sized for that, however, understanding you have the higher-hands sorts of thing. Possibly that’s trust? I’m not sure. They seem to secretly think its great if you possibly could outsmart her or him in nothing matches regarding wits, too.

Lol, so correct! I’ve old Leo Sun people that like a comparable: rely on and you will a sensible strong lady. Mine fundamentally fell in love with me personally whenever one night he told you something wrong and that i kicked your out! Lol The sharing of your own feel over reminded me just that incident.

I recently noticed that Tom Cruise is a beneficial Leo Moon Malignant tumors Sunrays. He is over the top just how one another Leo’s and you can Cancer’s will be! And that i think his perception provides depth, this is why they are an extraordinary star. I dislike the newest crappy hiphop regarding the his people but that goes which have getting ahead of your own An email list.

Anything I find interesting towards Leo category overall are all of them Love sudy-bezoekers and you will Adore the women inside their lives

The newest Leo attributes are intensified in his identification: the brand new crisis, the new pride, the necessity for desire. He could really exaggerate sometimes on it. He may even be very vain. I spend sufficient time ahead of the reflect, but he could overcome me from the a longshot. He exercised all the time, just for new sake from his appears.

Hahah Everyone loves his fire considerably

He’s arrogant, yeah, however it are therefore clear that all that was an excellent safety having his insecurities. A great blind person could see it.

Although not, the guy performed discover when you should dial it back some if required. He or she is loads of fun, when in an optimistic disposition. He had been mainly easygoing and you may don’t generate a fuss more much anyway. Funny enough, even after all the his Leo positioning, he was never truly brand new domineering form of. I can become bossy (particularly in my reduced advanced days, I am able to feel a beneficial tyrant) but he would never ever inexpensive the newest leadership role otherwise one thing.

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