Boker Knives. Boker or, the “Tree Brand” was producing knives because the seventeenth century in Solingen Germany.

Soligen is definitely of course one of many world’s most well-known knife destinations, as well Boker manufacturer happens to be steeped contained in this cutlery capital’s wealthy record. Initially Boker manufactured sabers to power numerous war endeavors. Right now naturally Boker is well known with regards to their tactical, EDC and kitchen area cutlery… though they does still earn cheaper swords (often were going to does a sword review…).

Boker Blade Analysis:

Boker Plus Kalashnikov AK-74 Automatic Knife Review

My own latest summary of the Microtech Stitch ignited my own interest in automated cutlery. I believe it is clear to understand the reasons why. The Stitch was a lovely and special blade. It is in addition a $400 knife. That’s a substantial piece of change. I wanted to look at a more low-cost segment of markets.

Boker Patriot Assessment

Previous Updated: August 30, 2019 The Boker Patriot began with a good idea. A lightweight, inexpensive power knife manufactured in america with a 154CM edge. Who are able to disagree by doing so? We for example is stoked up about the Patriot. Pick the Boker Patriot at BladeHQ But for whatever reasons there aren’t become a bunch of grip. We .

Boker In Addition Tech-Tool Overview

Right after I seen Smoky Mountain Knifeworks around Thanksgiving holiday, certainly one of the most popular parts of the grocery store was actually the Boker shop. With plenty of generation blade agencies we already either covered a majority of their product line, or have a great believe for exactley what what they are selling range is much like. Boker is definitely a business enterprise we .

Boker Plus Metropolitan Trapper Assessment

If you have been following knife trends anyway, you will know undoubtedly large desire for both titanium framelock flippers and conventional foldable blades. So it should certainly not get a rocket scientist to get the very thought of combining both these developments, nevertheless they have got actually been recently considered two collectively special phenomena. That .

Boker Kwaiken Flipper Testimonial

Latest up-to-date: January 10, 20198 when the first Boker Kwaiken arrived onto the field I had been quite fired up. Modeled after knifemaker Lucas Burnley’s specialty offering, this smooth concept appeared way too cool to reject. Definitely, until, assessments started initially to afin de over. Customers specified that knife is tough to unsealed together with the tip associated with the .

Boker Plus 01BO188 Titan Drop Review

Last up-to-date: May 11, 2019 Have you ever gotten a blade while drinking? I’m undecided if this describes a frequent things or otherwise not, but I was getting back once again a good number of beers one night while record still another morally questionable episode of GearGeeksLive right after I chosen to uncover this Boker Titan. Pick the Boker In Addition .

Boker Pipsqueak Analysis

Previous changed: Sep 17, 2019 The Boker Pipsqueak are a “little large knife” created by Neil Blackwood of Blackwood Personalized cutlery and made by Boker in Solingen, Germany. As an urbanite exactly who primarily holds a knife for power functions, i’ve grown rather satisfied with smaller EDC cutters. The fact is, Im completely alright with toting .

Boker Plus Vox BOB Testimonial

Last Updated: May 11, 2019 crafted by Jesper Voxn?s of Vox cutlery, the Boker Plus Vox BOB is an intriguing combination of chunky fixed knife and easy Scandinavian design. Mr. Voxnaes has been doing some partnerships with Boker, maybe particularly his or her smaller Gnome throat blade, but this is your fundamental active exposure to some .

Boker Advantage S2 Evaluation

Latest up-to-date: August 30, 2019 I’ve come drooling over Sniper Bladeworks custom made cutlery for a long period currently. Your uninitiated, Sniper Bladeworks might brainchild of Lance Abernathy and Jody Muller. Jody deals with fabrication and Lance comes up with the colors. The end result is countless latest tactical knife brands and wonderfully .

Boker SubCom Evaluation

Last Updated: September 16, 2019 Boker has now accomplished some great collaborations with customized knife producers (like previously reviewed Boker Eskelibur). The Boker SubCom is actually collective effort, this time with fashion designer Chad Los Banos. A native of The hawaiian islands, Chad has done lots of awesome collaborations with creation knife corporations and .

Boker Plus Exskelibur I (01BO001) Analysis

Previous up-to-date: August 11, 2019 now and then I see a knife that I positively have to acquire. Now, the truth is, simple assortment of knives is actually smallest in comparison to the scale (and advantages) of a lot knife lovers, so I choose feel we exercising some “restraint” during my acquisitions. This might need .

Regarding Boker

The Boker logo design arises from a chestnut pine increasing outside the company’s facility in Remscheid, Germany. The storyplot looks this forest existed by the structure for over a hundred years before being smitten by bleaching. A regional specialist converted the pine into an article of art that today remains at work of this Boker chairman.

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